Make Creative Intelligence Your New Superpower

Creativity runs through every aspect of the global economy, fueling growth into all markets.

A large driver of that growth is tied to advertising and entertainment, where billions of dollars are spent on productions and media to reach people and capture the attention of audiences.

Creative is at the heart of it all

Creative sits in the center of XR’s ecosystem, supporting all sides of advertising and entertainment to deliver stories to audiences worldwide, across any screen.

Our global platform interconnects billions of data elements throughout the creative lifecycle, unlocking intelligence that moves creativity forward.

Understand, Optimize, Outperform

Capitalize on the insights from your data that unites content and media distribution at local and global scale, unleashing a superpower for achieving relevance, resonance and results.

Creative Data in
One Place

View creative activity by delivery, spend, usage and performance

Consolidate all assets, linking ads distributed across media channels into one place for actionable insights and reporting, driving greater control and transparency.

Track creative across media, alongside talent and rights usage, and turn insights into action:

Minimize risk and costly violations associated with rights & compliance

Identify opportunities for asset reuse across TV & digital media platforms

Support sustainability and reduce carbon footprint with wasted assets

View creative delivery by market, format and media channel

Discover unused assets and quantify impact on production costs

Optimize future investments for production and rights

Dashboard interface with various charts and status indicators, including bar graphs with green, blue, and orange bars, some with financial icons. Other UI elements show progress indicators, transcoding status, and approval status.

Creative Analysis at Scale

Measure representation and inclusivity across all of your content

Breakdown the visual and audio characteristics of every creative to understand content and context within every asset and track key attributes.

XR’s platform leverages AI to analyze visual and audio elements of every creative to determine attributes such as skin tone, gender expression, age, disability, body type, sustainable messaging and accessibility elements (closed captioning and audio descriptions).

Man walking with a white cane in an urban setting, with overlaid labels indicating ‘Skin Tone’, ‘Disability’, ‘Age 20-29’, and ‘Gender Expression Male
Evaluate creative characteristics and understand how representative and inclusive your content is across markets, formats and media:

Measure if your content is aligned with your inclusivity and sustainable goals

Discover if your ads are able to reach all audiences

Inform future storyboarding and talent featured in your campaigns

Learn where you can make optimizations to better diversify your content

Review readiness and inform adaptations for: Deaf and Hard-of-hearing audiences (closed captioning) and Blind and Visually impaired audiences (audio description)

Efficiently track and search creative assets

Creative Excellence Score

Evaluate core creative principles against industry best practices to optimize effectiveness and inform future planning.

Adapt and optimize your creatives through AI-powered insights.
We enable scoring of critical creative elements for TV and digital, providing data-driven clarity that informs, inspires and enhances brand impact.

This approach ensures your content achieves the relevance and resonance needed to drive optimal results.

Refine your creative approach based on scoring to deliver high-performing content

Align creative standards and practices with your brand

Determine your creative score to evaluate quality and effectiveness

Happy dog sitting in an open cardboard box with checkmark icons and the word ‘Yes’ on screen, representing creative intelligence and approval.

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