Screenforce Finland Selects Adstream to Operate and Advance Spotgate Delivery System

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Partnership Delivers Omnichannel Capabilities Providing Advertisers Throughout Finland with Efficient Ad Delivery and Asset Management

Helsinki, Finland – January 20, 2022 -- After a lengthy research process, Screenforce Finland, the trade and marketing body for commercial TV in Finland in all its forms, has selected Adstream from Extreme Reach, to operate and enhance their Spotgate Delivery system.Adstream, acquired in June of this year by Extreme Reach, and now the global leader in creative logistics, was chosen by Screenforce Finland based on its market-leading delivery platform that simplifies the activation and optimization of omnichannel campaigns for brands and agencies in 140 countries. The platform will add significant new features for all Spotgate users by offering them a more intuitive user experience, better self-service diagnostic tools, access to expert file fixing services, end to end asset delivery, and a central platform that clients can use to store, share and repurpose their assets.

“The Adstream team has been diligent throughout the process in ensuring that we considered not only our current requirements, but also our future ambitions,” said Anna Lujanen, Executive Director for Screenforce Finland. “Their approach was both practical and future proof. We are looking forward to working with them to deliver the service to the market in the first half of this year. In addition, the new system plays a vital role in assisting the market efforts towards Total TV ad measurement developments.”

In operating the Spotgate Delivery system, Adstream will create a more efficient workflow for broadcaster members, as well as more automation and transcoding options, to adhere to new broadcaster requirements.

“We are thoroughly excited to be chosen as Screenforce’s partner to operate the Spotgate platform and bring it into the modern era of TV advertising,” said Michael Lee, Global Operations Director at Extreme Reach. “The implementation of Spotgate is a perfect fit for our core Adstream platform, and it means that Screenforce can leverage all of our investments in the future to bring innovation and further industry efficiencies into the advertising process.”

Both companies will work together to ensure a smooth migration of operations from the current operating system, beginning in Q1 of 2022, with a planned go live at the start of May 2022.

About Screenforce Finland
Screenforce Finland is a marketing body for commercial television in Finland. Screenforce Finland was founded in 2016. The members include: MTV Media, Sanoma Media Finland, Discovery Finland and Fox Networks Group Finland. Screenforce Finland is a member of the Global TV Group and works closely with EGTA and the European Screenforce network. Screenforce is committed to lead efforts to advance the commercial television industry.

About Extreme Reach
Extreme Reach (ER) is the global leader in creative logistics. Its end-to-end technology platform moves creative at the speed of media, simplifying the activation and optimization of omnichannel campaigns for brands and agencies with unparalleled control, visibility and insights.

With the acquisition of Adstream in 2021, Extreme Reach operates in 140 countries and 45 languages, with 1,100 team members serving 90 of the top 100 global advertisers and enabling $150 billion in TV and video ad spend around the world. More than half a billion creative brand assets move through ER’s creative logistics platform.