XR and AD-ID Enable Ad Creative ID Framework to Achieve Cross-Platform Advertising Nirvana for the Entire TV Ecosystem

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Partnership is the first to mobilize the IAB Tech Lab’s new creative ID standard, enhancing campaign effectiveness and ad experiences for viewers across linear and digital platforms

NEW YORK, NY JUNE 11, 2024 — XR Extreme Reach, a global technology platform powering the creative economy, today announced its partnership with AD-ID, the industry standard for identifying advertising assets across all media platforms, to launch the first implementation of the IAB Tech Lab’s Ad Creative ID Framework (ACIF).  This collaboration solves for persistent creative identifiers being standardized and enabled across linear and digital media platforms, channels and screens. In doing so, it enhances viewers’ ad experiences and improves  campaign effectiveness by leveraging data to manage ad frequency, brand suitability and optimizations.

XR has the largest global linear and digital distribution network and this collaboration with AD-ID’s registry enables the tracking of every single creative asset as it moves throughout the campaign lifecycle, driving better viewer experiences and greater results for brands and publishers. A major barrier in cross-platform advertising is the lack of universal ad identification adoption and consequent ineffective tracking of creatives that are running across disparate media platforms and channels, from TV networks to streaming services, digital publishers and beyond.

The new AdCreative ID Framework (ACIF) from the IAB Tech Lab standardizes operational procedures for ad registries across platforms and channels, now encompassing both linear TV, CTV and digital video. XR and AD-ID are the first to implement ACIF, to enable brands, agencies and publishers to solve common pain points and barriers in today’s fragmented media landscape, including:

  • Cross-platform TV Measurement: One persistent creative ID enables accurate counting with de-duplication across linear and digital channels
  • Ad Frequency: Better management and clear visibility into ad frequency, enables more control of over-and under exposed audiences
  • Brand and Publisher Reputation: A stable unique ID helps ensure contextual relevance, competitive separation and brand suitability, creating high quality content experiences
  • Creative Reconciliation: One source of truth for every ad eliminates the estimated millions of hours spent tracking down ads, matching data logs and validating campaign information

“We applaud the IAB Tech Lab for moving the Ad Creative Identification Framework forward and we are thrilled to partner with AD-ID to drive adoption at scale, making it seamless for brands and publishers to track every creative asset as it moves through the campaign lifecycle,” said Dan Brackett, co-founder and chief technology officer at XR. “XR is uniquely positioned to align creative data under a common ID that benefits the entire media ecosystem, enabling simplified workflows and industry standardization for creative measurement.”

XR has deployed the first implementation of the IAB Tech Lab’s 2024 VAST Addendum, adding supported extensions for registered UniversalAdIds in VAST tags for digital video delivery, directly integrating AD-IDs within XR’s platform. 

“We are thrilled to partner with XR to give brands the ability to build better connections with audiences and more effectively measure investments,”said Nada Bradbury, CEO of AD-ID. “AD-ID has long held the belief that standardization is critical in garnering full value for all players in the advertising ecosystem.  Our support ofIAB Tech Lab’s ACIF ensures that the new set of standards unlocks transparency and accountability that ultimately increases ROI, improves efficiency and drives value for brands, agencies and publishers.”

XR clients can leverage its partnership with AD-ID immediately, enabling the use of persistent creative identifiers for all U.S. assets, with expansion into other markets this year.


About XR

XR is a global technology company that powers the creative economy. XR moves creativity forward – uniting data at scale across content, media, and productions to maximize business value through intelligence. Our platform empowers thousands of brands, agencies, publishers and studios to create, distribute, and optimize advertising and productions that reach and engage audiences–on any screen, anywhere in the world. More than a billion brand assets and over $100B in media and production spend is powered by XR’s AI-driven enterprise platform. XR operates in 140 countries and has offices across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


About AD-ID

AD-ID is the media industry's pre-eminent advertising identification technology company, founded by the Association ofNational Advertisers (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies(4As).  Counting most Fortune 500 brands as clients, as well as the majority of the media industry's advertisers, agencies and publishers, we provide transparency and accountability in the highly complex advertising ecosystem. AD-ID helps organizations plan, identify, compensate, manage and efficiently and effectively monetize their advertising investment/product with the use of our unique creative asset code: the AD-ID.