XR Extreme Reach Recognized by Oklahoma Film Commission as a Qualified State Vendor – Helping Entertainment Companies Capture Valuable Production Incentives

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BURBANK, CA JUNE 3, 2024 – XR Extreme Reach (XR), a global technology company that powers the creative economy, announced expanded opportunities for their clients in Oklahoma.

As an official state vendor, XR can enable its film and television production clients that select Oklahoma for their on-location destination to earn back their payroll handling fee as a qualifying expenditure through Oklahoma’s incentive program.  

XR provides expert professional services to help guide production companies through a myriad of compliance, health benefits, market regulations, and production incentives that may be overlooked.

As Oklahoma provides a variety of filming options, local organizations such as Oklahoma Film + Music, support and connect local, national and international filmmakers with the state’s skilled crew, talent, production services and diverse locations which span across 12 eco-regions.

“Oklahoma’s incentive program has experienced continual growth with film and television productions spending over $300 million and creating thousands of local jobs over the last 10 years,”said Kathleen Thompson, XR’s vice president of incentives and sales. “Producers love to work in this beautiful state as it’s very production friendly, and they appreciate the value of incentives. We are extremely honored to support theOklahoma production community.”

 "With the growth of the Oklahoma film and television industry, it’s great to see so many new businesses investing in our state,”said Oklahoma Film + Music Office Director, Jeanette Stanton. 

“The arrival of XR Extreme Reach in Oklahoma as a recognized state vendor allows productions utilizing the state’s rebate program to locally qualify their payroll handling fees. It’s been a pleasure working with the company on their expansion, and we’re thrilled to welcome their innovative, professional services as an asset for future business consideration.”

XR brings productions to life with technology and expertise that enables them to operate on time, on budget and in compliance – all from a single partner. From talent and production payroll to expertise in labor relations, tax and benefits, XR can help ensure continuous compliance, eliminate liability and protect people and productions.

About XR

XR is a global technology company that powers the creative economy. XR moves creativity forward – uniting data at scale across content, media and productions to maximize business value through intelligence. Our platform empowers thousands of brands, agencies, publishers and studios to create, distribute, and optimize advertising and productions that reach and engage audiences–on any screen, anywhere in the world. More than a billion brand assets and over $100B in media and production spend is powered by XR’s AI-driven enterprise platform. XR operates in 140 countries and has offices across NorthAmerica, Europe, Asia and Australia.


About the State’s Film/TV Industry:

Oklahoma is home to one of the most attractive film incentive markets in the country with annual support and programs available to the film and television industry from state, city and tribal governments. OF+MO reports the state’s film incentive program, Filmed in Oklahoma Act, is estimated to have created 400 full-time equivalent jobs in FY23 with $58million in wages paid to Oklahomans. With robust incentives, diverse locations, skilled crew and critical infrastructure, Oklahoma provides a myriad of resources to support productions of all kinds.