Connecting the Dots With an End-To-End Solution for Global Advertising Campaigns

Connecting the Dots With an End-To-End Solution for Global Advertising Campaigns

Clearblue was creating cross-market ad campaigns with a growing need to manage numerous assets, rights contracts, agency partner relationships, and adaptation teams. Each element of the supply chain worked in isolation, meaning there was no source of truth from which campaigns could successfully be curated and then deployed.

Clearblue lacked a single repository from which all content surrounding a given campaign could be stored and reviewed. Prior to using Extreme Reach (ER), content was hosted in scattered locations, resulting in a lack of visibility and collaboration between the central teams and regional stakeholders.

One final challenge was linking all created content back to its associated talent and rights information. With hundreds of adaptations being created every year for local markets, Clearblue needed full assurance that content wouldn’t be used out of compliance.

Clearblue now uses ER’s Asset Management platform to store all campaign assets, from brief all the way through to local adaptation. This centralized approach streamlines their entire workflow; eliminating the need for multiple storage locations and allowing their global campaigns to be deployed from one source of truth.

Thanks to our Rights Module, Clearblue can now link all talent and rights information back to the individual assets stored in our library, ensuring content is never used out of compliance. 

Best-in-class delivery capabilities ensure all Clearblue content is delivered to the right place, in the right spec, at the right time, guaranteeing pristine quality on every screen. Furthermore, because ER tracks the asset all the way through the supply chain, we’re able to provide Clearblue with never-before-seen, cross-market insight across their portfolio of assets.

Clearblue enjoys the benefits of a fully-connected, end-to-end solution, allowing them to efficiently manage global ad campaigns from one source of truth. This centralized approach fosters seamless collaboration betweens regional teams with improved communication, faster speed-to-market, and better-informed decision-making.

“The key benefit for the global team has been the end-to-end aspect of managing a campaign; from the brief to the creative agency all the way through to local adaptation.

We have better efficiency, visibility and collaboration between the teams both internally and amongst our global agencies.” 

Lesley Foster
Director of Analytics & Insights, Clearblue