XR scaled global distribution network connects creative to media, aggregating data across trusted linear TV delivery, independent and MRC-accredited ad serving, and other channels.

Global Scale 

We give advertisers every opportunity to connect with audiences.

50,000+ destinations across broadcast, digital publishers, streaming platforms, social, audio and DOOH, plus more.

Video is in our DNA–
Unite TV and Digital

We simplify cross-platform advertising by uniting creative assets, quality control and workflow automation across linear TV delivery and digital ad serving.

XR’s unique ecosystem brings creative and media together onto a single platform, centralizing all creative assets, breaking down traditional silos, accelerating campaign launch and consistently delivering video content of the highest quality on time, everytime–across any screen.


XR’s centralized asset library simplifies advertising workflows, making creative sourcing, global quality control and omnichannel ad delivery seamless.


Uniting assets, data and media enables better control for local, national and global campaigns. XR’s exclusive integration of rights management tracking across linear and digital advertising gives brands greater visibility over assets, mitigating compliance risk and costly penalties.


Workflow efficiencies save time, money and reduce errors. We seamlessly connect creative to media, enabling automatic tag distribution, minimizing file rejection fees, and reducing campaign delays. Our Campaign API enables swift campaign changes, creative swaps, and more.


Full-service account management and intuitive self-service solutions are backed by 24/7 support. Our consultative team includes local language experts to provide global campaign guidance and a range of professional and creative services.

Trusted, Independent
Digital Ad Serving 

XR’s independent, MRC-accredited ad serving solution delivers high-quality creative on every screen, supporting IAB digital formats across CTV, online video, display and more.

Serving as the single source of truth for creative distribution, XR enables precise ad tracking with metadata–measuring delivery, performance and providing impression-level data and granular reporting across content and media.

With creative at the heart of XR, we make ad quality, brand safety and relevance top priorities–protecting against fraud, localizing and personalizing content and enabling automatic transcoding that meets publisher specs across all markets.

Essential Capabilities

Independent, MRC-accredited measurement 

Privacy compliant (GDPR, CCPA, COPPA)

Targeting and personalization by daypart, geo, sequential messaging and creative versioning

Attribution and conversion tracking to key KPIs

Automatic and precise transcoding to all specs

Auto-Creative optimization by Click-Thru Rate (CTR), Video Completion Rate (VCR) or Conversion Rate

Interoperability for measurement, brand safety, and more

Prisma and Google Ads Data Hub integrations

Exclusive benefits

Unified digital & linear TV delivery

Advanced creative intelligence

Usage rights tracking across screens

Centralized creative library for all media assets and data

Dedicated support for managed and self-serve customers

QR Codes for performance TV

Creative tracking with recognized market standards such as AD-ID, among others

The Industry’s Most Reliable TV Ad Delivery Network

XR’s global platform connects directly to post-production houses and all TV media destinations for seamless and flawless execution, ensuring every piece of creative is handled with precision.

Our trusted ecosystem successfully delivers linear TV advertising for any format and length–from :05, :15, and :30 second spots to longer-form content. Advertisers, agencies and media owners benefit from always-on access to content assets, along with a suite of tools for streamlined workflows, quality control, content reviews and approvals.

Managed and self-serve capabilities include:

Comprehensive quality control with built-in approvals and reporting

End-to-end traffic services and network clearance

One place to review spots, place orders and track uploads/deliveries

Automated file uploads and conversions

TV delivery status and proof of delivery confirmation

TV distribution beyond traditional linear, including paid programs, DRTV & PSAs

Nielsen Commercial Watermark auto-encoding

Ad-ID integration, plus asset code creation for the UK and Europe

Automated media planning data integration with Mediaocean

Creative asset workflow efficiency and usage rights management

Global Technology Platform & Consultancy In One

XR is the only platform that automatically connects cross-platform media distribution to creative assets, talent payments and rights data at scale, driving greater brand and campaign control.

Quality Assurance

Comprehensive quality control ensures creative meets exact specifications for every screen, format and platform. Our services include versioning, localization, transcoding, global quality checks, captioning, subtitles, tagging, watermarking–delivering confidence and consistency to media owners.

Creative Versioning

Enhance inclusivity, audience engagement and drive performance. Our platform supports creative adaptations such as localization, accessibility (closed captioning, subtitles and audio descriptions), personalization, QR codes for DRTV, plus more.

Regulation & Compliance

Guidance and expertise help content meet network clearance and regulatory requirements across local and global markets–effectively mitigating risks and preventing campaign delays. Usage rights data connected to media delivery further protects ads from running out of compliance.

Traffic Services

Full-service support provides accountability and efficiency in the delivery of creative content. We work directly with stations and media teams to provide precise traffic instructions and key flight information, ensuring materials are accurate and delivered seamlessly prior to airing.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships and integrations drive enhanced business value for our customers globally, supporting campaign priorities such as brand safety, viewability, identity, campaign management and personalization.  

Explore XR Platform

Creative Intelligence

Creative sits in the center of XR’s ecosystem where billions of data elements are interconnected in our global platform, unlocking intelligence that moves creativity forward.

Asset Management

Centralized assets to manage, organize, share and distribute content more efficiently and compliantly–while maximizing creative value.

Professional & Creative Services

Comprehensive production services and business affairs ready to support critical phases of the creative lifecycle, from ideation to execution and analysis.