XR’s global platform unites data at scale across content, media and productions, creating intelligence that drives relevance and resonance–maximizing effectiveness and capturing greater attention across audiences.

Build greater transparency and create a more sustainable path with a single source of truth for all creative, media, and every production. We connect data, teams, and processes to simplify the creative lifecycle, and empower brands to produce experiences that people love–all while driving business results.

Power Your Brand with XR Platform

XR’s platform unites creative and media, streamlining advertising workflows through data and technology that integrates asset management, media distribution and intelligence.

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Relevance + Resonance
Equals Results

Achieve greater relevance and resonance with breakthrough intelligence that drives superior creative, informs brand strategies and leads to impactful business results.

With a global AI-driven platform and a single source of creative and media, XR delivers scaled analysis that helps advertisers evaluate, optimize and maximize the effectiveness of their content to create business value and achieve key objectives such as sales, customer loyalty, financial goals and more.

Scale Creatively,
Deliver Confidently

Simplify creative activation across platforms and maximize the potential of every ad—delivered everywhere—helping content thrive on all platforms and in all markets.

XR unites linear TV, digital ad delivery and other traditional marketing channels into a single, expansive global distribution network. We make it simple to execute faster, ensure creative integrity and achieve cross-platform transparency. This enables advertisers to effectively engage audiences as they move between online and offline experiences.

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Greater Brand Control 

Centralize your assets—from global content to usage and rights information—all in one place for greater control, compliance and productivity.

We support all stages of the creative process by creating a single record of every asset, linking ads to media delivery and making content easily accessible, adaptable and shareable across teams. This ensures brand consistency, gives greater control over creative versioning, live campaigns and asset usage and reduces the risk of compliance issues.

On Time, On Budget Productions

Empower creativity and simplify the production lifecycle with proven success in supporting every stage of the creative process, from concept to delivery and analysis.

XR’s technology platform and professional services helps brands achieve creative goals by supporting critical business operations behind every production–from the hiring, onboarding and distribution of accurate payments for commercial talent, crew and vendors to financial management.

As a result, brands focus on creativity, while XR manages production complexities, providing expert guidance for business affairs, labor relations and market regulations, alongside production-first payroll software–supporting compliance at every step of the way.

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Global Technology Platform & Consultancy in One

XR’s scaled platform is backed by built-in expertise and professional services, with proven knowledge and strategies to guide you through the complex creative lifecycle.

Quality Assurance

Comprehensive quality control ensures creative meets exact specifications for every screen, format and platform. Our services include versioning, localization, transcoding, global quality checks, captioning, subtitles, tagging, watermarking–delivering confidence and consistency to media owners.

Creative Services

Enhance inclusivity, audience engagement and drive performance. Our creative services support multiple phases of the production journey, providing creative adaptations such as localization, accessibility (closed captioning, subtitles and audio descriptions), QR codes for DRTV, personalization, end-frames, editing, plus more.

Regulation & Compliance

Guidance and expertise help content meet network clearance and regulatory requirements across local and global markets, effectively mitigating risks and preventing campaign delays. Usage rights data connected to media delivery further protects ads from running out of compliance.

Traffic Services

Full-service support provides accountability and efficiency in the delivery of creative content. We work directly with stations and media teams to provide precise traffic instructions and key flight information, ensuring materials are accurate and delivered seamlessly prior to airing.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships and integrations drive enhanced business value for our customers globally, supporting campaign priorities such as brand safety, viewability, identity, campaign management and personalization.

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