In a complex and evolving marketplace, we partner with media owners to deliver solutions that simplify advertising complexities and maximize inventory value across broadcaster and publisher properties—from linear to digital and beyond.

XR’s ecosystem combines scaled platform technology, efficient ad activation and professional services to enhance the creative and media supply chain, from concept to delivery and analysis.

Trusted by the world's largest publishers and broadcasters, XR powers ad investments across a diverse mix of global inventory platforms, supporting everything from live, high-visibility linear and streaming tentpole events to programmed content on any screen and market.

Power Your Inventory with XR Platform

XR’s platform connects creative to media at scale, aggregating data as it moves through automated and trusted linear TV delivery, independent and MRC-accredited digital ad serving, plus other direct omnichannel integrations.

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More Revenue, Less Workload  

Simplify complexities and increase efficiency within the ever-evolving media supply chain.
We make it seamless for media owners to effectively monetize and fulfill inventory across the entire content offering, ensuring flawless delivery regardless of the ad format to any device, platform or market. Our distribution network is linked to a scaled creative library, backed by workflow automation and professional services that ensure media investments are realized across all platforms—linear TV, streaming online video, plus more.

Single Platform,
Scaled Ecosystem

Benefit from a single, centralized platform to support cross-channel media workflows, improve performance and maintain a commitment to transparency, creative quality and service.

Our ecosystem seamlessly connects content to media schedules, supporting globally recognized creative IDs, capturing metadata at scale, enhancing visibility and producing intelligence that informs targeting, segmentation and optimizations.

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High Quality Content, Personalized  Experiences

Strong creative and relevant context enhances content experiences and improves media effectiveness.

XR enables media platforms to deliver on reach, relevance and resonance for their advertisers, supporting localized and more personalized creative experiences across high-value audiences, increasing engagement and driving outcomes.

Global Technology Platform & Consultancy In One

XR’s scaled platform is backed by built-in expertise and professional services, using proven strategies to guide you through the complex creative and media supply chain.

Quality Assurance

Comprehensive quality control ensures creative meets exact specifications for every screen, format and platform. Our services include versioning, localization, transcoding, global quality checks, captioning, subtitles, tagging, watermarking—delivering confidence and consistency to media owners. 

Creative Versioning

Enhance inclusivity, audience engagement and drive performance. Our platform enables creative adaptations such as localization, accessibility (closed captioning, subtitles and audio descriptions), QR codes for DRTV, personalization, plus more.

Regulation & Compliance

Guidance and expertise help content meet network clearance and regulatory requirements across local and global markets, effectively mitigating risks and preventing campaign delays. Usage rights data connected to media delivery further protects ads from running out of compliance.

Traffic Services

Full-service support provides accountability and efficiency in the delivery of creative content. We work directly with stations and media teams to provide precise traffic instructions and key flight information, ensuring materials are accurate and delivered seamlessly prior to airing.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships and integrations drive enhanced business value for our customers globally, supporting campaign priorities such as brand safety, viewability, identity, campaign management and personalization.  

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