In today’s diverse media landscape, launching effective advertising campaigns on time and engaging audiences across platforms requires precision, agility and innovation.

XR’s global platform unifies creative assets, rights information and omnichannel media distribution to streamline workflows, deliver actionable creative intelligence and drive cost efficiencies for agencies at scale.

Power Your Campaigns with XR Platform

XR’s global distribution network connects creative to media, aggregating data with trusted linear TV delivery, independent and MRC-accredited ad serving, plus other traditional channels.

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Seamless Activation
Across Platforms

Get your ads to the right place—on time, every time—and enhance media impact with seamless creative integration across all channels. 
XR delivers high-quality creative across TV, CTV, online video, OOH, print and audio, ensuring that every ad meets publisher specs for all platforms, formats and markets. Agencies benefit from XR’s streamlined content distribution, which is backed by workflow automation and trusted professional and creative services.

XR’s scaled platform and trusted services accelerate launch times, enable trafficking and transcoding, ensure network clearance and enhance relevance with adaptations including accessibility and localization.

Greater Campaign Control
and Collaboration

Gain greater control over ad campaigns to effectively activate, manage content and collaborate across disparate teams.
XR centralizes assets, media and rights information into one efficient solution, enabling teams to quickly source, access and swap creative. This streamlined approach facilitates the effective execution of omnichannel campaigns across both linear and digital media destinations while ensuring compliance with live campaign regulations.

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Relevance + Resonance
Equals Results 

Achieve relevance and resonance with breakthrough creative intelligence. Creative analysis at scale and omnichannel reporting enables agencies to evaluate, optimize and maximize marketing effectiveness.

XR’s AI-driven platform consolidates all assets, linking ads distributed across media channels into one place for actionable insights and reporting. Our scaled distribution and analysis delivers unified campaign metrics and breaks down visual and audio characteristics of every creative to measure representation and track key content attributes.

With creative intelligence, agencies gain campaign insights that optimize relevant and engaging content, enabling advertisers to attract audiences and achieve key business objectives such as DE&I and inclusivity goals, sales, customer loyalty, etc.

Global Scale

We give advertisers every opportunity to connect with audiences.

50,000+ destinations across broadcast, digital publishers, streaming platforms, social, audio and DOOH enable advertisers to share their stories across any screen, anywhere in the world.

Global Technology Platform & Consultancy In One

XR’s scaled platform is backed by built-in expertise and professional services, with proven knowledge and strategies to guide you through the fragmented media marketplace.

Quality Assurance

Comprehensive quality control ensures creative meets exact specifications for every screen, format and platform. Our services include versioning, localization, transcoding, global quality checks, captioning, subtitles, tagging, watermarking–delivering confidence and consistency to media owners.

Creative Versioning

Enhance inclusivity, audience engagement and drive performance. Our platform supports creative adaptations such as localization, accessibility (closed captioning, subtitles and audio descriptions), personalization, QR codes for DRTV, plus more.

Regulation & Compliance

Guidance and expertise help content meet network clearance and regulatory requirements across local and global markets, effectively mitigating risks and preventing campaign delays. Usage rights data connected to media delivery further protects ads from running out of compliance.

Traffic Services

Full-service support provides accountability and efficiency in the delivery of creative content. We work directly with stations and media teams to provide precise traffic instructions and key flight information, ensuring materials are accurate and delivered seamlessly prior to airing.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships and integrations drive enhanced business value for our customers globally, supporting campaign priorities such as brand safety, viewability, identity, campaign management and personalization.

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