Maximize your production investments and achieve the financial clarity necessary to create on-budget creative experiences and improve your bottom line.

You need a production accounting system that centralizes financial information, simplifies cost tracking, and streamlines billing and payments to enhance your budgeting and planning processes.

XR delivers by optimizing financial operations and providing critical, timely insights, so you can manage budgets more effectively and achieve your production goals.

Financial Clarity You Can
Count On

Gain a comprehensive understanding of all production costs, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence. 

XR enables real-time visibility into the financial health of your production, allowing you to accurately track, measure and manage costs.

See the complete financial picture of every unique production—all in one platform

Get the granular view required to optimize your budget and make data-driven adjustments

Put easy-to-understand data in the hands of executives to provide a holistic view of production health

Keep a close eye on cash flow with continual access to critical financial data such as P&L’s, general ledgers and invoices

Simply track all your costs, invoices, petty cash and purchase orders in real-time with easy-to-use accounting software

Monitor actual costs against production budgets to track production health

Plan smarter with live dashboards and scheduled customized reports

Efficiently balance the books with up-to-date cost analysis across cash flow, payroll, vendor payments, purchase orders and more

Easily manage financial access with full control of roles and permissions

Everyday Accounting with Ease

Spend less time tracking down financial data and more time on understanding your production’s health. 

XR is dedicated to your success and makes day-to-day accounting simple, allowing you to forecast and budget with ease.

Comprehesive Expertise, Superior Service

Consider us an extension of your production team, who is ready to guide you through production incentives, share market knowledge and provide ongoing product training and support.

XR is staffed to grow with you and the ever-changing rules and regulations that impact production finance.

Get support from our team of financial, labor, production incentives and compliance experts throughout the complete production process

Focus on what you do best while we ensure your production accounting runs smoothly

When you call, we answer—we make sure a team member responds, quickly

Proven Software, Trusted Team

Production Incentives

Explore production incentives in the U.S. and Canada to make informed decisions about where to locate your project and how to maximize your budget.

Fully Digital, Always On

Reduce manual errors, expedite data collection and access real-time financial information with modern production accounting software–all while supporting a more sustainable production path.

Industry Expertise

Our team has accumulated years of experience in entertainment, advertising and productions, maintaining current knowledge on payroll and residuals, tax incentives, labor relations, healthcare, compliance and complex bargaining agreements (SAG-AFTRA, AFM, ACTRA, UDA), plus more.