Eliminate complexities that come with managing all aspects of the creative and media process—from concept to delivery and analysis.

XR’s powerful platform centralizes assets, data and media, streamlining and optimizing every stage of the creative lifecycle and transforming how you manage, utilize and maximize the value of content.

Manage All Assets, Easily
and Compliantly

Create the optimal creative ecosystem to work smarter and faster when managing, organizing, sharing and delivering high volumes of assets at scale.

XR centralizes all assets—images, videos, ads—from past to present, in a unified library. This simplifies content discovery and reuse, enhances brand control and reduces risk of compliance throughout the creative lifecycle.

Reduce redundancies and ensure that high-quality, impactful assets are utilized to their fullest

Manage your assets with rights management built-in, tracking licenses, usage, copyright

Easily share and search content, making the right assets available at the right time for the right teams

Maintain oversight to ensure efficient and effective approvals cycles and control brand consistency internally and externally

Create a complete record of all content and creative assets with physical and digital archiving

Give creatives and marketers a centralized platform to better unify creative and media, driving more successful campaigns

Centralize the review process to expedite approvals, streamline communication and quickly ready assets, saving time

Enable real-time collaboration and control content access from any location and for any role, effectively managing the distribution of brand assets

Empower Communication and Collaboration

Connect all teams involved in the creative process on a single platform. This simplifies operations, facilitates collaboration and automates processes to speed up time to market.

XR’s platform enables smooth workflows from beginning to end, ensuring that teams are connected and informed at every stage.

Maximize the Value of Your Assets

Leverage data-driven insights to make smarter decisions about creating assets, optimizing content and informing future strategies.

By processing high volumes of assets and connecting content to media delivery within a single source, XR produces unique cross-platform reporting, insights and creative intelligence that drives informed business decisions and improves brand results.

Understand how assets change overtime and identify trends that align with success patterns

Identify opportunities to repurpose and adapt content, reducing the carbon footprint associated with producing new assets 

Track asset usage to optimize production spend and minimize future waste

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of your creative assets with scaled AI analysis

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