XR’s global platform empowers marketers to engage all audiences seamlessly across every screen and in every market, ensuring brand stories are delivered to all publishers and broadcasters, on time, every time with total compliance.

In today’s diverse media landscape, connecting with audiences requires precision, agility and innovation. With a global distribution network, XR connects creative to media at scale, aggregating data as it moves through automated and trusted linear TV delivery, independent and MRC-accredited digital ad serving, plus other direct omnichannel integrations.

Engage Global Audiences

Drive meaningful engagement, seamlessly connecting with audiences across any screens.

XR delivers high-quality creative across TV, CTV, online video, OOH, print and audio, ensuring that content meets publisher specs for any format, platform and in any market.

Connect creative with media for seamless activation on any screen and platform–linear TV delivery and digital ad serving for broadcast, cable, syndication, streaming platforms, etc.

Ensure every piece of creative is handled with precision for all formats and lengths–from :5, :15 and :30 second spots to longer-form content

Optimize creative effectiveness to better engage audiences–personalize, localize and adapt content for accessibility, ensuring it can be seen or heard by anyone, anywhere

Centralize network clearance and traffic services to activate faster, while maintaining creative integrity, ensuring ads are delivered and cleared with trusted, error-free quality checks

Scale creative output with automated production services that transform one creative into the versions you need to reach and engage all audiences

Reach audiences with confidence, backed by decades of experience in video delivery, proven expertise and 24/7 service and support you can trust to launch quickly, and on time 

Accelerate Delivery
Across Channels

Get your ads to the right place—on time, every time—ensuring ads reach their destinations efficiently, minimizing campaign delays and enabling advertisers to engage audiences at scale.

XR removes complexities within production and delivery to accelerate the distribution of content across diverse media channels, ensuring seamless delivery of quality creative.

Gain Brand Control
Online & Offline

Navigate the nuances of omnichannel advertising and modern media environments with ease, enabling better control and transparency throughout the creative lifecycle.

XR ensures that every campaign reaches its full potential. By connecting critical data across media, content and talent and rights information, brands achieve the clarity and control they need to create successful ad experiences.

Reduce risk with creative delivery connected to usage and talent rights, integrating data to better manage compliance across platforms

Enhance visibility with one partner and a single source to manage creative, monitor campaign status and track asset usage 

Maintain brand consistency and creative integrity as you reach and engage audiences on every screen

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