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Your unique data can reveal insights to help you maximize the value of your creative

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Woman with wavy hair and green eye makeup in a red car, wearing a blue vest. She holds a drink with a straw, looking directly at the camera with a serious expression

Creativity is a powerful force in influencing consumer behavior, driving purchases and accelerating market growth.

Leverage intelligence to fuel superior creative and contextually relevant content that captures greater attention and drives impact.

XR’s global platform unites data at scale across content, media and productions to produce insights and AI-powered analysis that unlocks transformative creative intelligence. Lean into data that overcomes creative blind spots and maximizes effectiveness, ensuring campaigns achieve relevance, resonance and results.

Relevance + Resonance
Equals Results

Win the hearts and minds of audiences with intelligence, scale and flawless execution.

XR helps you master the art and science of reaching and attracting audiences with impactful creative–regardless of the channel, device or platform.

Adapt creative for all audiences–localizing content and supporting accessibility standards–ensuring it can be seen or heard by anyone, anywhere

Learn from continuous creative intelligence and use the clarity of your data to inspire future content, campaigns and brand initiatives

Preserve the integrity and quality of creative as it moves across platforms, and between online and offline worlds

Analyze visual and audio creative characteristics across key dimensions like:

Skin Tone

Gender Expression



Body Type

Accessibility and Sustainable attributes

Let Intelligence Lead the Way 

Gain insight into the composition of your creative and learn how people are represented across your campaigns at scale.

XR’s platform enables you to track content against DE&I, ESG and accessibility goals, revealing opportunities to enhance diversity and inclusivity within your creative strategies.

Track & Measure Creative

Access a single view of all creative assets to understand the ad formats, styles and attributes used (and not used) across different forms of media.

XR offers a single source of truth for all your creatives–tracking the elements used across formats, markets and media platforms–and revealing insight into asset utilization.

Monitor creative variations used across the media mix and learn where you can maximize future production investments

Measure asset utilization to inform content reuse and reduce carbon footprint

Ensure brand consistency across the fragmented media market 

Safeguard your brand by avoiding the risk of costly violations tied to any production

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