Access the guidance, technology and workflows to hire, onboard and distribute production payments with greater ease, speed and compliance.

Shaped by industry experience, knowledge and powered by the cloud, XR simplifies advertising and entertainment payroll complexities for every unique production.

Whether you're orchestrating entertainment or in-house brand productions, we manage payment operations behind the scenes–from accurate data collection to tax, labor relations, production incentives, health benefits and compliance–so you can focus on producing captivating experiences for audiences.

Commercial Talent
Cast & Crew
Vendor Payments
Commercial Talent
Cast & Crew
Vendor Payments

Seamless Onboarding,
Accurate Payments

Fast, simple, and accurate onboarding and payroll helps you meet tight deadlines and flexible turnaround times. Workflow automation and a built-in rules engine powers reliable onboarding, time entry and payments for every unique project.

XR works behind the scenes to make advertising and entertainment production payroll seamless and accessible on any device, anytime. This gives you real-time control and support throughout every step of the onboarding and payment process.

Fully digitized production payroll software, on-demand

Simple set-up and automated onboarding

Real-time mobile time entry with hours-to-gross and approval workflows

Automated complex calculations that meet union and regulatory requirements

Flexible and adaptable platform to adjust to fluid production schedules

Accurate calculations and distribution of residual payments

Experts in union and non-union compliance for entertainment and advertising productions

Advisory services for labor relations, including post-production audits

Specialists on state and federal tax regulations and obligations

Employment benefits, such as workers' compensation coverage, ACA Health benefits management, plus more

Complete Compliance, Total Confidence

Ensure your production remains agile and compliant in the face of regulatory complexities. You need industry expertise and specialized services to maintain continuous compliance, and safeguard your people and projects.

XR delivers with a white-glove experience and unparalleled support for every production, regardless of size and scope. We help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of labor laws, hiring practices, and entertainment payroll regulations, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. 

Proven Software, Trusted Service

Industry Expertise

Our team has accumulated years of experience in entertainment, advertising and productions, maintaining current knowledge on payroll and residuals, tax incentives, labor relations, healthcare, complex bargaining agreements (SAG-AFTRA, AFM, ACTRA, UDA) and more.

Payroll for
Today’s Content

We make advertising and entertainment payroll easy and accurate for the entire cast, crew and vendors, and are ready to support all forms of creative productions–Commercials, TV, Film, Web, Print, Music.

Fully Digital,
Always On

Paperless payroll reduces manual errors, expedites services, enables access on-demand and integrates with XR’s production accounting software–all while supporting a more sustainable production path.

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