Achieve smooth productions with advanced technology and industry knowledge that powers the business operations, financial management and payments services to successfully bring creative visions to life.

XR enables advertisers and entertainment studios to focus on crafting impactful experiences while we handle the complexities of production. From onboarding, payroll and accounting, to business affairs and employment regulations, we enable seamless operations and compliance behind the scenes.

Whether you're orchestrating entertainment or in-house brand productions, we help you greenlight with confidence, produce with precision and wrap with success.

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Scripted Film & TV
Branded Content
Unscripted TV
Scripted Film & TV
Branded Content
Unscripted TV
Scripted Film & TV
Branded Content
Unscripted TV
Scripted Film & TV
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Power Every Production with XR

XR’s technology and team of experts enable productions to operate on schedule, on budget, and in compliance, supporting accurate, reliable and efficient production operations from onboarding to payroll and finance.

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Seamless Onboarding,
Reliable Payments

Trusted, employer-of-record payroll for union or non-union talent and crew

Integrated rules engine empowering calculations for tax, labor and industry regulations

Faster starts and hiring at scale with digital onboarding, accessible from anywhere

Digital time cards to manage hours to gross, backed by customized approval workflows

Accelerated turnaround times for residual payments with immediate access to data

Compliance Assured,
Budgets Optimized

Let us handle the complexities of compliance, liability and cost savings, so you can focus on your production.

Our expert services guide you through health benefits, market regulations and production incentives that protect people, productions and boost your bottom line.

Dedicated team of experts ensure compliance across complex bargaining agreements (SAG-AFTRA, AFM, ACTRA, UDA)

Significantly reduced risk with expertise in labor relations, tax and benefits

Protect people and productions with health and workers' compensation insurance

Optimize budgets with production incentives across the U.S. and Canada

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Account for Every
Production Cost

Gain the financial clarity to manage productions smoothly and responsively with our proprietary accounting software.

We ensure seamless accounting with real-time access, reporting and financial control, allowing you to track every dollar throughout the entire production journey.

Track actual costs against production budgets

Plan and forecast with confidence

Streamline visibility with custom, scheduled reporting

Connect payroll, purchase orders, vendor payments and accounting data to manage the overall financial health of your production

Easily keep costs up to date to monitor budgets and cash flow through financial dashboards

Multiple general ledger integrations ensure seamless connectivity

Get More Out of
Every Production

Maximize the value of your productions with the depth and breadth of our services.

Creative is at the center of XR. We enable greater control over creative assets, seamless ad distribution across channels and scaled production analysis and creative intelligence.

Archive and organize your current and historical production assets with XR’s digital and physical storage

Mitigate risk by connecting talent payments and usage and rights information to TV and digital advertising

Unlock production trends, analyze benchmarks and compare historical data

Gain a single view across multiple productions with aggregated data across financial performance, budgets, payroll, plus more

Inform future productions, asset reuse and creative decisions with intelligence

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Proven Expertise, Trusted Service

Industry Expertise

Our team has accumulated years of experience in entertainment, advertising and productions, maintaining current knowledge on payroll and residuals, tax incentives, labor relations, healthcare, complex bargaining agreements (SAG-AFTRA, AFM, ACTRA, UDA) and more.

Production Incentives

Explore production incentives across cities, states and countries to make informed decisions about where to locate your project and how to maximize your budget.

Trusted Business Affairs

In-house expertise for local market regulations and guidelines to enable compliant campaigns, plus guidance and support for talent negotiations, casting, contract prep, music licensing and publishing, plus more.

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